Bionic Skin Increases Your Performance

Bionic Skin Increases Your Performance

What is X-Bionic Fitness Gear?

X-Bionic gear is state of the art undergarments and outerwear that increases athletic performance without using pharmaceutical substances. Performance is optimized by keeping the body at an ideal internal temperature, and the X-Bionic gear helps to maintain that ideal temperature even in extreme settings. The temperature regulating effect that the X-Bionic gear has is only activated once you start sweating or require warmth. In this way, the gear is guaranteed to only turn on when you need it!

How Does X-Bionic Fitness Gear Work?

The key aspect of the X-Bionic gear is a number of patented design aspects and technology that it uses, including the heat pipe system. The heat pipe system allows the body to pull away sweat and use it to cool the body, and it returns the condensed sweat to the skin in order to continue cooling the body. If this sounds too theoretical and technical, skip down to the bottom video where the Sport Science guys show you exactly what this means in real life. They use an average athlete and a world-class tri-athlete to show how the X-Bionic gear really performs.

X-Bionic also uses a technology called X-Impact, that compresses muscles for higher performance without the negative impact of regular compression gear. Regular compression gear compresses the muscles, but it also restricts the blood flow through the vessels. The X-Bionic gear supports a higher flow of blood through the vessels, therefore reducing the load on the cardiovascular system and improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Fennec, another X-Bionic technology, allows heat to be reflected rather than absorbed by the body. The factors that may increase an athlete’s temperature include a boiling hot sunshine, steaming black asphalt, and heated building facades. The radiation from these surfaces is prevented from being absorbed by the athlete’s skin through the Fennec technology. The surface of the X-Bionic gear reflects the heat, and keeps the inside of the garment cooled.

This video clip gives a brief explanation of how the X-Bionic technology works.

View the video from Sports Science to see how the X-Bionic technology works under real conditions. The Sports Science guys used an average athlete and a triathlete to test out the gear. It’s very cool stuff, you will be glad you watched!

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