Burn More Calories with Hot Yoga

Burn More Calories with Hot Yoga

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is the practice of strengthening yoga poses in a room that is usually heated to between 95 and 105 degrees Farenheit. Hot yoga goes by many names including the most popular North American form Bikram Yoga. In Canada Mokshi Yoga is also gaining popularity. Hot Yoga is usually practiced in studios that specialize in offering professionally instructed group classes. The yoga poses range in their level of difficulty, and proponents of the practice cite numerous benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

hot yoga burn calories, emc2health, emc 2 healthThose who practice hot yoga often share the many benefits the workout. These benefits include weight loss, increased flexibility, increased strength and energy, and decreased stress. Since yoga is a reflective practice, it gives practitioners the time to focus inward and find their center. Some also say that by practicing hot yoga they find a greater balance and have a more positive outlook on life.

The caloric burn is not a benefit that one should take lightly, and corresponds with the decrease in body fat that many practitioners find. On average, a hot yoga class lasts for 60 or 90 minutes. In that time, the heart rate is increased due to the heat and humidity in the room. Also some of the moves are quite challenging and force the body to perform at optimal levels. Because of this your body will burn lots of calories – even more than in regular yoga or jogging.

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How Many Calories will I Burn in Hot Yoga Class?

The number of calories that you burn is dependent on a number of factors. Your gender, height and weight are critical factors. It also may depend on your metabolic rate and the amount of muscle that you carry on your body frame. On average we found that for a 150lb person, they will burn 1000 calories in a 90 minute hot yoga class. Doing hot yoga is a calorie burner and when comparing it to regular yoga, running and walking it comes out above other options.

As you can see from the chart below, when it comes to burning calories, doing hot yoga is an excellent choice. We calculated the number of calories burned per hour for hot yoga, and compared it to the other low impact exercises of regular yoga and power walking.
hot yoga calories burned in bikram yoga exercise

Check out the video from a great bikram hot yoga studio in Victoria that gives a great insiders look into a hot yoga class.

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  1. Excellent chart in the end, in my opinion the point if you lose weight comes by the factor of fun. If your having fun while doing yoga, you’ll get much better results.

  2. Bikram’s hot yoga is the best yoga for physical health and fitness.

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