Use Coconut Oil to Grow Healthy Hair

Use Coconut Oil to Grow Healthy Hair

Many people often tout coconut oil as a great addition to cooking, but did you know it’s great to use on your hair also? Coconut oil helps to grow and maintain healthy hair without the use of harmful chemicals. Using premium high quality brands like tropical traditions coconut oil will keep your hair shiny and full.

Coconut Oil Keeps Hair and Scalp Clean

Coconut oil is a naturally occurring anti-fungal and has strong antibacterial properties also. Using it regularly will protect your hair and scalp against dry scalp conditions like dandruff and lice. These are conditions that can damage your hair follicles by clogging them, or through manual damage that comes from scratching your scalp. Using coconut oil to keep the hair follicles free from bacteria and debris can allow your hair to grow faster with more shine.

Coconut Oil Seals In Hair Moisture

coconut oil for hair, coconut oil hair growth, emc2health, emc 2 healthOne of the most important aspects of healthy and beautiful hair is maintaining a good balance of moisture. If you regularly use a heat tool like a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron then coconut oil can help. Coconut oil has natural anti-oxidants and has a higher degree of heat to which it can withstand without oxidizing. This is great when it comes to using heat on your hair. It will seal the moisture from washing your hair into the follicle, which will protect it from becoming dry and brittle. It will help your ends to resist against split ends, and will prevent breakage by adding to the level of moisture in your hair. It will also protect your hair from being exposed to oxidizing chemicals when you are using a heat tool.

Based on a 2003 medical study, we know that coconut oil likes to bond to hair proteins. It is able to link to the proteins in the hair shaft because of its straight linear molecular chain structure. It also contains medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid, which can act as binding agents and strengtheners for your hair strands.

Coconut Oil Fights Dandruff

A drying of your hair and scalp may indicate a different issue. Based on recent studies, we now know that the root cause of dandruff is not caused by not washing your hair. It is actually a symptom of a multitude of issues, namely fungal infections, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and vitamin deficiencies. Coconut oil has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties that will prevent these conditions from proliferating on your scalp and causing dandruff.

Use Coconut Oil as a Pre-Wash Treatment

If you are struggling currently with dry, damaged or weak hair using coconut oil can help to strengthen your strands. By coating the hair and scalp with coconut oil before washing, it allows the anti-fungal properties to work on your scalp, and it allows the oil to bond to your hair shaft. It helps your hair to strengthen its protein levels by penetrating the hair shaft. Coconut oil will help to protect your hair against the drying impact that sulfates and shampoos can cause. It can help with manageability and increase the softness of your hair.

Using coconut oil as a regular part of your hair routine will help to better the condition of your hair. Check out the best options for coconut oil below, and have fun growing healthy hair.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Gold LabelBest OptionGold Label Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is made from the best coconuts, USDA organic, and is cold-pressed. The cold pressing technique allows for the most nutrient rich coconut oil possible.
Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Expeller Pressed OrganicBetter OptionUSDA Organic Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil product that is great for your hair. This coconut oil is expeller pressed, but does not use harsh chemicals or solvents.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Expeller PressedGood OptionNon Certified Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil. If you want to have the best coconut oil on a tight budget, this coconut oil has you covered. It is made of the same high level crop, however the cost is lowered because it does not include the USDA Organic licensing.

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