Get Out of Your Workout Slump

Get Out of Your Workout Slump

Are you having trouble with getting motivated for your workouts? Does putting your workout gear on always seem to make it to the bottom of the list these days? If getting your body in motion is a challenge for you, here are some great pointers to get you out of your workout slump!

Do It for the Endorphins

Working out creates endorphin’s in the body, that “feel-good” chemical that many call a “runners high”. Endorphins are actually a group of peptides that increase the body’s pain tolerance and interact with the human body’s opiate receptors. If you dread the actual workout, focus on the reward of feeling great after your body is moving. Move as fast as you can towards the endorphin reward.

Set a Calorie Burning Goal

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Instead of focusing on time or distance, choose a new metric to get you motivated. Focus on the calories that are burned in a workout will help to create a shift for you. If you want to understand more about the effort that you are putting into your workouts, use an online calculator and track the number of calories burned in your next sweat session. By translating the time or distance into calories, you will cause a shift in perspective, thus refreshing your workout motivation.

Get Social Support

Although the people closest to you may be a great support in motivating you to workout, often strangers can be the best because they are removed from your daily life. Interact with avid athletes on sports forums and sites like to get motivation for moving your body. You will also make new friends and find new and creative ways to approach your routine.

Go For a Partnership

Having someone who will consistently expect to workout with you is definitely a great thing. Finding motivation for workouts can be tough on your own, but the peer pressure of not wanting to let your workout partner down will motivate you to make time for the gym.

Get Quoted

Tell other people about a fitness goal you have made for yourself. That way people will be more prone to ask, and you will be more prone to make your commitment to the workouts. Keeping a community of people cheering you on will help with motivation in the long run, and provides a sense of accountability.

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