Keep Food Chemical Free with OrGreenic Cookware

Keep Food Chemical Free with OrGreenic Cookware

As you become healthier in your body, it’s important to be aware of how your food is being prepared and the impact it can have on your health. Orgreenic cookware makes cooking easy and safe with its non-stick ceramic surface. The non-stick surface is free of Teflon and other chemicals, which keeps your food healthy, fresh and toxin-free.

How Does Common Cookware Impact Your Health

The chemicals that make up most common cookware like aluminum and Teflon have been found to leech into foods and cause diseases. These diseases include Alzheimer’s Disease, Early Onset Dementia, and other neurological diseases. Teflon is such a toxic chemical that when it is heated to a very high level it can kill a bird. That is certainly not a chemical that you want to have ingested or leech into your foods. Using Orgreenic cookware can help you to avoid these chemicals by cooking your food on a non-stick surface that has absolutely no toxins in it.

How Does Orgreenic Cookware Work

Orgreenic Cookware works through a patented surface technology that uses green ceramic as a non-stick surface. It allows you to cook foods without the danger of aluminum or flaking Teflon. Another plus of the Orgreenic cookware is that it can go directly from the oven, stovetop, or other surfaces. There are no cheap plastic parts here – the cookware can sauté, bake, boil, steam or fry without using added oils. This is important if you are trying to restrict certain oils or calories in your diet.


Check out the video below that displays this very cool cookware in action

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  1. I have parrots. Is this product safe to use around them? I do not use non-stick due to the toxic fumes that can kill my birds.

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