Lose Weight with Sensa System

Lose Weight with Sensa System

Dr. Alan Hirsch, world-renowned neurologist claims a new remarkable breakthrough in weight-loss technology. It’s reportedly causing those who use it to lose an average of 30 pounds in just six months. And, they’re doing it without dieting or exercise at all. That’s a breakthrough in the world of weight loss, where most people generally cannot stick to a restrictive plan, or the diet simply does not work.

This remarkable breakthrough is called SENSA (SENSA Weight Loss System), and it’s now one of the most talked about diet products on the market today. The SENSA Weight Loss System has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Dateline NBC. Many are calling the Sensa diet “revolutionary” because of its radically new approach to losing weight.

The SENSA Weight Loss System is an appetite suppressant which helps people slim down by eating less. The scientific principle behind SENSA is amazingly simple. As you eat your smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which cause a release of hormones that tells your body it’s time to stop eating. This phenomenon is called Sensory Specific Satiety. By SENSA enhancing smell and taste, SENSA was designed to help speed up the process of the hormone release. It triggers your “I feel full” signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied. Because SENSA works with your body’s natural impulses and hormones, rather than against them, there are none of those feelings of hunger or intense cravings.

lose weight with sensa weight loss systemThe SENSA product was invented by Doctor Alan Hirsch, a certified neurologist and psychiatric specialist, and also founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation. Doctor Alan Hirsch spent years learning, evaluating and diagnosing issues related with our senses of smell and taste.

The SENSA product comes in very small sprinkles called tastants. These tastants are available in salty and sweet varieties and are packaged into shakers. You just shake these crystal tastants on top of any food, identical to using salt, pepper, or sugar. The salty shaker is used for savory dishes, while the sweet shaker is utilized on any of the sweets you eat.

With SENSA you may go on eating any food you love while still being able to lose weight. Dr. Hirsch claims that there’s completely no restrictions to the kinds of food you could eat when you are on the the SENSA Weight Loss system. So Instead of restricting what types of foods you are eating, SENSA enables you to enjoy your favorite meals but assist you to become fuller faster. You find yourself eating less food which means less calories, and you do not have to feel like your starving.

Doctor Alan Hirsch thought people might be cynical about trying SENSA, especially when so many diet products fail. But, the interesting thing about SENSA is it’s not really a diet at all. And, with all of the media attention, we figured it was worth looking into – and it turns out to be the real deal!

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