No Kidding Around

No Kidding Around

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The Workout Kid

C.J. Senter (The Workout Kid) is what some would call a child fitness prodigy. Child prodigy, we know are pretty strong words! With recent history, most people can rightfully raise an eyebrow and wonder who the wizard is behind the curtain pulling C.J.’s strings. At first glance you may be skeptical, but don’t worry;  the story of C.J. “The Workout Kid” Senter is very uplifting and inspiring, rather than concerning.

Foot Action

C.J. Senter began working out about 5 years of age, when he and his teammates were told to go home and make sure to get some exercise over the weekend. After doing some sit-ups and push-ups he realized a love for it. Soon following, C.J. viewed a Beach Body’s P90X infomercial. The young man was inspired and it sparked a passion for fitness that has been developed ever since. C.J. now has his own workout routine, which he performs three times a week. He also teaches a class made of mostly older kids at a nearby gym – of course this is only after school and homework. You must checkout the video below to see the new names he gave to some old moves.

The “Workout Kid” routine is working so well that the DVDs are in high demand. The clamor for them was so great that C.J.’s father had to hire a PR rep. The youngster gives away most of the DVDs, his father reports. He feels this is the best way to get young people off of the couch and into fitness.
In my opinion C.J Senter’s (The Workout Kid) kid workout videos are what young people of today need. Many people are concerned about workouts for kids and battling childhood obestiy. Well here is an outstanding young man who made fitness for kids cool and fun. Kudos to C.J “The Workout Kid” Senter, be sure to keep an eye out for him in the future.

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