Reebok ZigTech Shoe Review

Reebok ZigTech Shoe Review

Some of the staff members faithfully wear their Reebok ZigTech shoes during each workout, so of course we had to give our readers the scoop on these shoes. The Reebok ZigTech technology is a uniquely designed lightweight foam that is formed into a zig-zag shape. That shape is used on the sole of the athletic shoe to provide exceptional cushioning and energy efficiency. The makers of the shoe claim that they ease the load on leg muscles by conserving energy through the unique sole design.

Our staffers agree, the ZigTech by Reebok actually delivers on its promises. It has a firm and stable sole, and rids the body of actually feeling some of the shock that comes from pounding the pavement when running. They report being able to power walk and jog faster, and with less stress on their knees and hips. Reebok says that the bottom unit sole strike actually sends the energy through the zig-zag pattern of the sole instead of back up to the athletes body. The zigtech sole absorbs the impact and propels the athlete forward in motion – helping the athlete to do more work. That is great because it also points to a reduction in joint pain and the dreaded shin splints. Another awesome feature is the customizing, which can be done by ordering the zigtech shoes online.

Athletes who wear the Reebok ZigTech shoe when training include Chad Ochocinco, Peyton Manning, Santonio Holmes, Allen Iverson, David Ortiz, and others. Peyton Manning really likes the impact that the zigtech shoes have on shin splints.

Shin splints are extremely common for pro athletes like me. Wearing ZigTechs give players a bounce, an energy that lets us train longer with less strain on key leg muscles, like shins. This ultimately enables athletes to stay healthier during the season.

Chad Ochocinco really likes the edgy and unique design of the Reebok ZigTech shoes.

I had my ZigTechs in the locker room and all my teammates were trying to check them out. ZigTechs stand apart from any training shoe out there. They are bold and confident, perfect for an athlete like me.

Check out this video showing how the Reebok ZigTech Technology performs in many different sports activities.

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