Swimovate and Speedo Collaboration Births the new Speedo AquaCoach

Swimovate and Speedo Collaboration Births the new Speedo AquaCoach

Swimovate recently formed an exclusive partnership with the company Speedo to develop the all new Speedo AquaCoach watch. The Speedo AquaCoach provides swimmers with the technology that gives them comprehensive information to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts in the pool. Serious cyclists tend to use cycling computers or “cyclometers” to provide them with performance data, like their cadence, speed, distance traveled and also power output. Swimmers can now also get their waterlogged hands on technology that makes keeping tabs on training sessions comprehensive and much easier.

What Does the Speedo AquaCoach Track?

Available in colors of red, black or blue, the Speedo AquaCoach is water-resistant to 100 meters (328 ft), works in any pool over 15 meters (49 ft) long and can remember up to 50 swim sessions. So the users can try to beat their previous performance and measure the progress. It offers swimmers comprehensive details of the effectiveness of their performance, including speed comparisons with previous sessions, number of laps swum, and the number of calories burned. The Speedo AquaCoach was designed to help swimmers achieve a better understanding of their swim in order to increase their performance.
speedo aquacoach swim watch, emc 2 health, emc2healthNow I know some are wondering and want to ask, “How does it count laps”? The science behind it is elegantly simple; an accelerometer combined with custom algorithmic software counts individual strokes, and keep track of laps by detecting the pause point between strokes. Those pause points occur as the swimmer is changing their direction and it works for both pushing off the wall and tumble turns.

Swimovate Technology Assists Speedo to Create Speedo AquaCoach

The Speedo AquaCoach is the result of a four-year agreement with Speedo and Swimovate. Swimovate is the developer of the Pool-Mate swimming computer. The agreement allows the world’s leading swimwear brand Speedo the rights to use Swimovate’s innovative Lap Counting technology in its new watch products. With Speedo being so zealous about innovation in the swimming industry, the Speedo AquaCoach will certainly be a perfect complement to Speedo’s Swim Fitness collection. The final result is a product which provides many clear benefits to key swim fitness consumers, allowing them to enjoy their normal swimming workout with tangible evidence of their swims effectiveness.

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