The Hot Yoga Movement

The Hot Yoga Movement

People all around the world are discovering forms of “hot yoga“. Why hot yoga? The reasons are for stress reduction, weight loss, or merely as an escape from the cold. Generally, any method of yoga performed in a heated environment is usually considered “hot yoga”. However, each method arises from Bikram Yoga, the original hot yoga method created by Bikram Choudhury. Other methods of yoga have progressed and acquired followings, including the very comparable Moksha. Bikram and Moksha are comparable in that they both focus on set of Yoga postures that are performed, in a prescribed order, in a room heated to approximately 100 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But generally 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Hot Yoga?

The theory behind hot yoga practice is that the increased temperature will assist the body to remove toxins by sweating them out and to achieve deeper stretches in the various prescribed postures. The intense heat is also thought to support better distribution of oxygen throughout the body. Long practicing hot yoga practitioners indicate having easier breathing, lower blood pressure, weight loss, stress relief, clearer skin, better moods, and various other benefits.

Getting Started With Hot Yoga

One of the notable things about Hot Yoga is that it’s for everyone and anyone be it novice or seasoned pro to practice. So if you’re a newbie at hot yoga, you’re not relegated to a humiliating novice hot yoga class. You’re in a class with people who have been practicing for a few months to years. So the hot yoga community provides great opportunities to learn from those around you. As a newbie, here are the basic of what you’ll need:

  • A yoga mat
  • A giant bottle of water
  • A beach towel
  • Light workout clothes or a bathing suit

And for those who would like to need or would like to keep a better regulation of their body temperature, X Bionc clothing is highly recommended.

What to Expect and Hot Yoga Etiquette

When doing hot yoga for the first time show up to your initial class 10 – 15 minutes earlier, due to the waiver that has to be filled out. Some hot yoga classes are very popular and busy, so you’ll want to claim your spot before it gets crowded. Make a point not to take a spot at the front on the first few classes. You’ll want to be near the back so that you can watch the more seasoned people in the class for technique. No talking or other noises are permitted at the class. Be ready to observe strict silence as you wait for the hot yoga class to begin. You’ll notice that when people arrive and get situated they will lay on their mats in the corpse pose called Savasana. This particular pose is a technique of lying motionless that cultivates absolute relaxation and directs your focus on breathing.

hot yoga bikram, emc2health, emc 2 healthAs the class starts, the hot yoga instructor will ask first-timers to lift their hand. Be sure to be honest and identify yourself as a first-timer. It is going to be quite obvious anyway as class gets underway so just raises your hand. This is for your own safety to identify that you’re not used to to yoga in a high temperature room. No matter how many other regular yoga classes you’ve attended, hot yoga is a complete different monster. Acknowledging being new to hot yoga allows the instructor to keep an eye on you. The instructor will offer you adjustments to the postures so that you are practicing hot yoga safely and will look for any signs of dizziness.

If You Can’t Take The Heat, Stay in Hot Yoga!

When it comes to hot yoga try to drink plenty of water before the class begins. The instructor will offer breaks in the class so that those who would like water can take a sip. But as a novice to hot yoga you might find that breaks are few and far in between. Be sure eat something light about an hour before class. As time pass you might start suddenly feeling panicky and light-headed. It is important to pay attention to the signs that your body gives you and not overdo it. One thing you may hear the instructor say is to stay in the heated classroom at all cost. They also encourage new people to try Corpse pose or Childs pose if they feel overwhelmed. The instructor will teach those postures early on and they will help. When feeling better, you can continue taking part in the rest of the hot yoga class. Reaping some of the core benefits from hot yoga comes from simply by remaining in the very hot room and breathing properly. Hot yoga has gained popularity all over the world and especially in North America. Check out a class near you and enjoy heating it up!

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