Five Helpful Tips for Power Walking

Five Helpful Tips for Power Walking

Just like any other type of aerobic exercise, power walking can facilitate the burning of calories and weight loss. Power walking is walking at speeds around 4-5 mph. At these speeds power walking is slightly slower than a jog, but can be even more effective. When power walking, the body will burn many more calories than walking at a leisurely pace. A simple way to incorporate time for power walking into your schedule is by going on power walks at lunch break or power walking to and from work. Power walking is great for weight loss and weight maintenance and works well when it is incorporated with a healthy diet.

Power Walking Tip 1: More Than Just a Stroll Once In Awhile

Power walking is also known as race walking, fitness walking, or health walking, and it is an incredible type of aerobic exercise. Power walking conditions the cardiovascular system without the high impact stress on the body that other exercises can cause. It is know that many fitness experts and doctors believe power walking to be a near perfect exercise. Like kettle bells, power walking improves posture, is easy on the joints and most of all works the entire body. Power walking puts forward a workout similar to the likes of jogging; but, is exceedingly better for people who are overweight so they are less likely to risk straining the hips, knees or ankles.

Power Walking Tip 2: These Shoes Were Made for Serious Walking

The appropriate and suitable pair of walking shoes is one of the most significant components to begin a power walking routine. As walking shoes are the only mandatory expense for this physical activity, you should invest in buying that perfect pair. These walking shoes must offer proper arch support, be breathable, lightweight, and fit properly to not rub your heals or toes.

Power Walking Tip 3: Dress for the Power Walking Mission

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Power Walking Instructional Diagram

As in any physical activity, it is essential to consider your attire when going out for a power walk. Make sure that free mobility and comfortably in the clothing choice. The material of the attire should breathe because you will definitely become warm and sweaty. Also, consider your local area climate and wear appropriate gear such as sunscreen and sunglasses, hat and gloves, or a rain poncho. Another point to consider during this modern age is that your attire should accommodate a water bottle, portable music device, pedometer, mobile phone or other items.

Power Walking Tip 4: Fitness Basics Still Apply to Power Walking

Many individuals do not recognize exactly how powerful power walking really is, and run risk of injury from being stiff and extreme sore muscles from omitting the warm up and cool down. Properly preparing for Power walking is vital, like all other aerobic exercises, power walking is a full body workout and requires that attention. When heading out for that power walk, start slowly, giving the muscles time to warm up, but don’t fail to remember to take a few minutes to properly your stretch the whole body. As the power walking comes to the end, slow the pace and finish up with more full body stretching. Proper warm ups and cool downs will enhance endurance and flexibility, diminish the risk of injury, increase circulation, and prevent that stiff feeling after your workout is over.

Power Walking Tip 5: A Need for Speed

In power walking speed is important, as it helps to increase heart rate and elevate the workout. In order to increase power walking speed, you must first perfect your posture and stride so that it enhances fitness and does not cause injury. Walk with back straight, not leaning forward or leaning back into the stride. Keep your head and chin up, eyes towards and on the horizon. Bend arms at the elbow so they are parallel to the ground. Push arms back and forth, not across the body, keeping hands closed but not in fists. Engage abdominals and glutes by tightening them to support the back. Gain speed in power walking by instead of taking long strides, take fast, short strides to increase that speed. Remember to breathe and most of all enjoy the walk.

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